Living at Albion – Food

We recognise that food is an important part of the pleasure of daily life and that it must be varied, wholesome and provide a balanced diet. All our meals are prepared in house by our cook and the team using fresh ingredients. There are three meals a day with the addition of morning coffee and afternoon tea with homemade cakes. We welcome residents own suggestions about what they might enjoy and always provide personalised, flexible menus. Naturally, we are able to cater for residents with particular dietary requirements and we are also able to assist residents who require support. Below is a sample weeks menu.

Lunch Main Lunch Dessert Supper Main Supper Dessert
Sunday Roast Lamb Gateaux Soup & Roll Trifle Or
Breakfast of choice Vegetables, Potatoes, Roasted Vegetables Or Fruit Sandwiches & Cheese Board Yoghurt Or Fruit
Monday Pork & Apple orCheese & cranberry Parcel Milk Pudding Fish Cake or Soup & toast Fruit Brule Or
Vegetables & Potatoes Or Fruit Or sandwiches or Cold Table Yoghurt Or Fruit
Tuesday Sweet & Sour Chicken Rice, Treacle Sponge Eggs Or Soup & toast Choc Ice Or
Vegetables & Potatoes Or
Vegetable Pasta Bake
Or Fruit Or Sandwiches Or Cold Table Yoghurt Or Fruit
Wednesday Braised Steak Lemon Tart Welsh Rarebit Or Soup & toast Fruit Fool Or
Vegetables Potatoes Cheese Lattice Or Fruit or Sandwiches Or Cold Table Yoghurt Or Fruit
Thursday Shepherd’s Pie Or Vegetable Bake Bake-well Tart Sardines on Toast Or Soup & Toast Cheesecake
Vegetables & potatoes Or Fruit Or sandwiches Or Cold Table Or Yoghurt
Friday Cod Mornay Or Omelette Baked Egg Custard Pate with Toast Or Soup & Toast Fruit Salad
Or Vegetables & potatoes Or Fruit Or sandwiches Or cold Table Or Yoghurt
Sunday Beef Brisket Vegetables & Potatoes Fruit Pie Cold meat Salad Fruit Jelly & Cream Yoghurt
Rice & Vegetables  Or Fruit  Or Sandwich  Or Yoghurt